Keo Chow(周志豪)

A young local artist, Keo Chow is known for water-colour paintings of film characters. Inspired by the sense of 'emptiness' as a result of withdrawing from the fantasy and returning to the reality, his illustrations of the movie characters give continuity to the movies and fill the 'emptiness'. His works were published in MOViE MOViE Magazine and trailer of Hong Kong Film Awards, he has also participated in large scale outdoor events such as ifva. He worked with Universal Music Hong Kong and created illustrations for "Tribute Album" promotion video of local artist Tat Ming Pair. His first solo exhibition The Overflow Blueness of An Inert in 2015 themed around movie characters, and the second solo in 2016 responded to the first. His Exhibition for THE GRAND 10th anniversary in 2017 named THE UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS Art Exhibition,  and themed the interpretation of the unique femininity by different age movie actress.

香港年青藝術家,以水彩繪畫人物為主,創作靈感來自每看完一套電影後的一些「空白感」,嘗試以繪畫去填補這空白的遺憾。 電影人物作品曾刊於《MOViE MOViE Magazine》,亦曾為香港電影金像獎宣傳片繪畫插圖,亦曾參與ifva等戶外大型活動。而音樂亦曾與香港環球唱片合作為達明一派繪畫新專輯宣傳片《達明一代》。 2015年舉辦以電影為主題的首個個人作品展《有人喜歡藍 The Overflow Blueness of An Inert》,2016年舉辦同名第二次回應個展。 2017年為THE GRAND 十周年誌慶舉辦畫展,主題以不同光影年代的電影女主角演繹女性的獨特光彩《THE UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS 藝術展覽》。​

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