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Keo Chow 周志豪

Hong Kong artist Keo Chow is known for his watercolour paintings inspired by movies, created in his signature finger painting style. His artworks are collected by Hong Kong renowned actress Maggie Cheung, lyricist Lin Xi and writer Peter Dunn.


Corporate Collaborations

Netflix, The Hong Kong Film Awards, Universal Music Hong Kong, Edko Films Ltd., MOViE MOViE, The Grand Cinema, MCL Cinema, Chung Ying Theatre Company, ifva, TVB, UNHCR Hong Kong, Fu Hong Society, The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service and more.


Collaborations with Artists

Tat Ming Pair, Eason Chan, AGA, Gin Lee, Phil Lam, Jason Chan, Cherry Ngan, Angela Yuen, Lowell Lo, Heiward Mak and more.


Brand Collaborations

OMEGA, Montblanc, Moleskine, MaBelle, The Leo Diamond, Diptyque, Le Labo, Giordano ladies, LUX and more.


Features and Interviews

Viu TV, Esquire, Milk Magazine, Madame Figaro, HKTV, City Magazine, Apple Daily, The Stand News, Ming Pao Daily News, HK01, The Oriental Daily, MOViE MOViE Magazine, Lomography and more.


Previous Exhibitions

Dear Anita, MOViE MOViE Cityplaza; We Miss You So, Anita, 1881 Heritage, 2021

DRAWMOVIE, Kubrick, 2019

FilMotion, solo exhibition, Kubrick, 2019

Leung Sing-por・The Silhouette on Stage and Silver Screen, 2018

MovieLAB, the opening of MCL Cinema in Shatin, 2018

THE UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS, an exhibition on movie actresses across the eras, The Grand, 2017



Netflix、香港電影金像獎、香港環球唱片、安樂影片、MOViE MOViE、The Grand Cinema、MCL Cinema、中英劇團、ifva、TVB、UNHCR Hong Kong、扶康會、復康會、浸信會愛羣社會服務處,等等。


達明一派、陳奕迅、AGA、Gin Lee、林奕匡、陳柏宇、顏卓靈、袁澧林、盧冠廷、麥曦茵,等等。


《Viu TV》、《Esquire》、《Milk Magazine》、《Madame Figaro》、《香港電視》、《號外》、《蘋果日報》、《立場新聞》、《明報》、《香港01》、《東方日報》、《MOViE MOViE Magazine》、《Lomography》,等等。


OMEGA、Montblanc、Moleskine 、MaBelle、The Leo Diamond、Diptyque、Le Labo、giordano ladies、LUX,等等。


2021年 分別於太古MOViE MOViE Cityplaza 參與「Dear Anita我們的梅艷芳」展覽及於1881 Heritage 參與「We Miss You So, Anita 我們永恆的百變天后」紀念聯展

2019年 太古Kubrick 參與香港80年代手繪海報展《DRAWMOVIE》聯展

2019年 太古Kubrick舉辦《FilMotion》個人作品個展


2018年 MCL沙田戲院開幕舉辦【MovieLAB】電影作品個展

2017年 THE GRAND 十周年誌慶舉辦畫展,主題以不同光影年代的電影女主角演繹女性的獨特光彩《THE UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS 藝術展覽》。

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